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Who We Are?

We are the Falcons. A team of specialists who develop, test and scale effective solutions for the military. The company was founded in 2022 in Ukraine.

Our goals

The main goal of the company is a measurable contribution to the victory of Ukraine in the russian-Ukrainian war. After the victory, we will continue to build a company that, with the help of modern business processes, will create relevant solutions for defense needs.

Our mission

We believe that people are the most valuable resource at any time. We aim to create defense solutions in which human-controlled machines will stand guard over the security and democratic values of humanity.


Constant improvements



Cutting-edge equipment and developments

Life Saving Focused

Real Combat Testing

Our Partners

The official fundraising platform of Ukraine

A joint project of the state structures of Ukraine, which includes the regular purchase of drones and a pilot training course

Ukrainian system of situational awareness

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